Is Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Worth It to Someone Who Already Owns Sun and Moon?

Introduction Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the final main series games of Generation Seven. I have played through Sun and after purchasing Ultra Sun and playing through it, I am going to try to write an article depicting the two and whether or not it's worth it to buy both or have one... Continue Reading →


Is the “Right Turn Or Left For Dead” Episode of Psych Genius or Lazy?

The eighth episode of season 7 of Psych tackles the two different options trope a lot of TV shows handle. I’m actually a bit of a fan of this trope being used in TV because I like the idea of media multiverses and the parallel events. That’s why I like superheros so much. The main... Continue Reading →

New Site

Good morning, Vietnam! My name is Brett Lee Burkeen, but I also go by Brettly. I am one of the two interesting people that will be giving you your news about entertainment. I'm the geekier one of the two and I'm the one with a terrible sleep schedule who ends up watching entire seasons of... Continue Reading →

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