Brendan Scobal

Name: ??? Username: Brendan Scobal Occupation:  Artist/Staff User Bio: Brendo is a hip and happening world-famous Donkey Kong 64 speedrunner with 0 fans and not a single world record to his name. When not being an epic no-scoper, Brendo enjoys drawing and modding video games. I'm happy to be here with him as he executed... Continue Reading →


Jordan Douglas

Name: Jordan Douglas Username: Occupation: Co-Founder and Co-CEO of HyperBuster User Bio: Jordan Douglas is a game designer at Full Sail University. He is an excellent programmer and an even better gamer. He understands the art form, analyzes the data, and is able to spit out amazing comprehensions of said games. We at HyperBuster are... Continue Reading →

Brett Lee Burkeen

Name: Brett Lee Burkeen Username: "Brettly" "Brettandor" and "BasicBrettly" Occupation: Co-Founder and Co-CEO of HyperBuster User Bio: Brett Lee Burkeen is a self-proclaimed geek who spends most of his time binge watching TV shows while playing video games effortlessly. When not completely geeking out, Brett is either writing, sleeping, or spending time outdoors.  

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