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Good morning, Vietnam!

My name is Brett Lee Burkeen, but I also go by Brettly. I am one of the two interesting people that will be giving you your news about entertainment. I’m the geekier one of the two and I’m the one with a terrible sleep schedule who ends up watching entire seasons of TV shows that have 22 episodes with each episode being 45 minutes long in a single sitting. I’m that one. For me, I’m writing this post at 3:22am sitting on the closed toilet in my roommates bathroom, because their bathroom is also the laundry room and I ended up waking up their kitten that will meow for the rest of the night unless someone is around it. But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about the website. So…


Jordan and I decided to write this website in such a way that we get to tell you why or why not we like a certain piece of entertainment. We’ve decided this is going to be a sort of news site where we work as reporters, but as of right now, we’re not getting paid and this is just a passion project for us. Jordan and I have loved entertainment since we were small children and that passion for entertainment has never died out for us. I’m happy to report that I think this will be an excellent tool in telling you our opinions on a plethora of different entertainment topics. Which brings us to…

The History of HyperBuster!!

HyperBuster was created in 2013 as a way for Jordan and I to write sub-par fanfictions about video games that we liked. Recently, Jordan and I looked at the website and decided that we wanted to keep the HyperBuster brand alive, but as something much more fun and useful for everyone. After much discussion we decided that an entertainment journalism site would be the best way to fuel the fiery passion we have for entertainment. (It has been noted that I have used the word “entertainment” seven times not including the last one, so I will refrain from doing so.)

What can I expect out of this site?

On our main site, we will host all of our blog posts which consists of reviews of books, comics/graphic novels, manga/anime, movies, TV shows, and video games. The other two type of blog posts are news posts like this and tech news. We’re not sure how often we will use these other two categories, because we primarily want to write reviews of the things we like. These reviews will tell you our opinions of each of these things and as much information as we can safely relay to you without committing plagiarism. We hope that you will get as much enjoyment out of this site as we will making it for you. On the surface, we are content creators and we have viewed this as an excellent way to create more content for all of you out there.

We sincerely hope that you will get certain enjoyment out of this site and you will keep us in your thoughts in the future.

We sincerely thank you for reading this. We live to create for not only ourselves but also for all of you. Again, thank you.


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